Capturing the 5 Senses in Photography.

Capturing the 5 Senses in Photography.

Capturing the 5 Senses in Photography.


Perhaps the easiest of the senses to create with my photography, one of the main features of flowers are there colourful beauty. With each photograph I look for the main focal point of the center of the flower, in this case the contrast with the yellow sunflower petals against the bright blue sky gives a sense of power depth and strength.



Imagine the flavor of the flower as if you could eat it. In this example the flowers resembles a tropical fruit with so much detail in the petals and stamen you can almost taste the richness of flavor.



The delicate aromas of each flower is showcased in this example. How often have you gone up to a newly opening rose and lent in and sniffed the wonderful scent? This rose was just about to open up and I have capture that moment with a very close up macro shot


 The silky smooth nature of this rose is heighten by the gradual changing colours of the petals. You can easily imagine running your hands over the flower and get a sense of the delicate nature of each petal.


 Listen to the sound of the bees as they buzz around the petals collecting pollen. This capture has a bee walking carefully over the globe thistle covered in pollen any second he will take off and create that unmistakable sound of a bee in flight “Buzz!”


You can find many more examples of the 5 senses of flower photography on my website

Thank you and enjoy all your senses in nature

Quentin Carpenter

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