About me

Quentin Carpenter
Artist And Founder of Natureofflowers.com

Hi my name is Quentin, I am an Artist, and Digital Creator, living and working in East Sussex, England.

I studied Art at Chelsea (Foundation) Cheltenham (BA Hons) and Brighton (MA) plus my PGCE Art Teaching at the Institute of Education, London. I taught Art for twenty years in Secondary Schools Including Being Head of Department from 2009 till I retired in 2022

I make art about the harmony between Nature and Geometry, looking closely at the patterns formed in the natural world as my inspiration.

I have been exploring the organic symmetry of flowers, through an ongoing series of photographs. recently combining these with my digital studies of geometry, looking for that special interconnectedness. I have also been fascinated by Sound waves and Cymatics and how to visually represent sounds and frequencies through images. Some of my discoveries have lead me back to flowers and there core makeup.

I have been building this collection since 2018 after I changed my lifestyle and focused on looking for more meaning and purpose. I am constantly searching for new ways to express my fascination with the natural world and sacred geometry, in particular how numbers and patterns underpin all creations.


Here is an interview about my interest in Sacred Geometry. A Podcast with Cindy Jarvis, Foundress, You Equals Me Foundation.




Here is an article about my Photography which was feature in Artdiction Magazine

"Quentin’s interest in photography was peaked twenty years ago while he was studying for his MA in Fine Art at the University of Brighton. “Having trained as a Fine Artist specializing in painting, I started experimenting with the possibilities of digital cameras to record my ideas,” he recalls. Since completing his MA, he has worked in education, teaching art in secondary schools, and has served as the head of the Art department at his current school. “Over the past three years, I have been heavily involved in setting up and running a very popular and successful photography course. This has re-ignited my fascination [with] photography.”

Quentin has studied the work of many traditional and contemporary photographers, as well as the formal elements of photographic composition. However, most recently his interest shifted to photographing something in particular. “My particular interest in photographing flowers began just under two years ago. I made a decision to specialize in one area and the beauty and transient nature of flowers fitted perfectly with my new lifestyle choices,” he explains. “My style of photography deals with the bright, colorful and intimate world of flowers. I create close up portraits of individual flowers captured using my macro lens.

Although he has examined the work of Georgia O’Keefe, Irving Penn, and Andy Small for artistic research, Quentin’s main source of inspiration comes directly from the natural world itself.  “My senses have been awoken to the natural splendor around us. I have become immersed in the smells and aromas of flowers. My eyes have been opened to the sheer beauty of each individual bloom,” he says.

Using his Nikon D5300 and only natural lighting, Quentin has a portfolio that captures the beauty of the floral landscape and shares these fleeting moments with his audience."

See the whole article here https://issuu.com/devikaakeise/docs/julyaugust_2019