Flower Art photography on Social Media

Flower Art photography on Social Media

The art of flower photography on Social Media by Quentin Carpenter 

I have been posting on social media, photos of flowers, for over two years now and over this time I have notice a steady rise in the number of flower photos

I started posting on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/quentin.carpenter/  and I have gained a fair size following, but this is tiny compared to the 170 million photos tagged with the hasttag Flowers. What is it about photos of flowers that is so appealing to so many people? Personally I Think it is all about the natural beauty and colours which are unique to each flower, combined with the ready availability of smartphone cameras. The range in quality of these photos is huge, 

In my photographs I like to focus on just one flower and try to capture its beauty with a macro lens, I try to make my photos of flowers standout from the rest with a neat and clean image. Colour is very important to me and my photography and I love the way each flower has its own personality.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos of flowers as much I enjoy taking them.

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