Free Hexaflexagons Download

Free Hexaflexagons Download


You can download a hexaflexagon template from to simplify the construction process. Follow these steps:

1. Visit Head to and navigate to their section for hexaflexagon templates.
2. Choose a Template: Browse through the available templates and select one that suits your preference in design and size.
3. Download the Template: Click on the download link provided for the selected template. Ensure your internet connection is stable for a smooth download process.
4. Print the Template: Once downloaded, print the template on paper or thin cardstock. Adjust the printer settings as needed to maintain the template’s dimensions.
5. Cut Out the Template: Carefully cut along the outer edges of the printed template using scissors, forming the hexagon shape.
6. Fold and Assemble: Follow the instructions provided with the template to fold and assemble the hexaflexagon. Typically, you’ll fold along the indicated lines and glue or tape the tabs to secure the shape.
7. Flexagon Formation: After assembly, gently flex the hexaflexagon to reveal the hidden faces. Pressing on the sides will cause it to flex and display different configurations.
8. Customize (Optional): If desired, you can decorate the faces with colors, patterns, or numbers to personalize your hexaflexagon.

Using a downloadable template from streamlines the construction process and ensures accuracy in creating your hexaflexagon.

To get for own Free download to print visit:

Watch how to make yours here:


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