How to take flower photos

How to take flower photos

There are many "how to" blog posts on the internet about how to take better photos and how to take great flower photographs. In this blog I am going the describe the way I take my photos. My Photos all have one thing in common that is a focal point of one flower. Some of my photos are close up macro shots with lots of beautiful intricate details, other shots are of taken directly above the flower to capture the complete bloom. My flower photos are taken when I go out for walks in parks and gardens and I use a Nikon D5300 camera.

The one thing I look for when taking photographs of flowers is that magic something extra. It may be the light catching the petals at just the right angle or it might be the symmetry of the complete flower. Whatever that quality is, when I find a flower to photograph, I will always take at least 5 shots from slightly different angles. After I have returned home you might expect me to spend hours in Photoshop editing the pictures, but I find this takes away the magic quality. There are so many over edited floral images on the internet and in particular on Instagram that I set out to bring things back to nature. 

My advice to anyone looking the take a better flower photograph, is this natural light, wait for the light to be perfect and you will be rewarded with pictures that will glow forever.

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