The Neck Gaiter, 16 ways to wear one.

The Neck Gaiter, 16 ways to wear one.

The Neck Gaiter, 16 ways to wear one.


  1. Face Mask –With the scarf around your neck then pull up to cover your nose and mouth.


  1. Scarf –Pull the neck gaiter over your head and wear around your neck as a scarf


  1. Balaclava –Beginning with the hood pull the material from under your chin and double it up, put this over your nose to keep extra warm


  1. Hood –Pull the neck gaiter over your head and keep the front part under your chin, then the pull the rest up over the top of your head.


  1. Neck Warmer –Similar to the face mask but this time double it up and pull up around the back of your neck, for extra warmth


  1. Head Band –Roll or fold the material and wear around your forehead to keep the sweat out of your eyes when doing sports.


  1. Hair Band –Start with the neck gaiter around your neck then push the front part back over your hair.


  1. Head Scarf – Similar to the hair band but this time pull some of the material over the rest of your hair


  1. Hair Tie – Use your neck gaiter as a scrunchie, wrap it around your pony tail.



  1. Bandana – Tie a knot in one end of the neck gaiter and adjust so you can fit you head in. Place over your head like a hat



  1. Wristband – Place your arm through the neck gaiter and then wrap it around your wrist until it is fits comfortably




  1. Hat Liner – Place the neck gaiter underneath a hat for the extra layer of warmth.


  1. Helmet Liner – Same as the hat liner this time place the neck gaiter inside your helmet.


  1. Beanie/Cap –Turn the neck gaiter inside out put it over your head then twist twice and then fold back the right way round. Pull the rest of the material over your head to make the classic Beanie


  1. Bobble hat – Start with the Beanie but instead of pull the material over your head, tie it in a knot.




  1. Do Rag –Pull the neck gaiter over your head but leave the loose end to flop over your neck for extra sun protection 




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