What is a  Neck Gaiter?

What is a Neck Gaiter?

A neck gaiter is an article of clothing worn around the neck for warmth. Neck Gaiters are a closed tube of fabric that can be slipped on and off over the head. They can also be pulled up over the mouth to act as a facecovering.  

The Nature of Flowers, Neck Gaiters are personally designed by Quentin Carpenter and feature his uniquely beautiful flower designs. All of his designs are printed to order, on 100% polyester microfibre, breathable fabric. 

The Nature of Flowers Neck Gaiters are a very Versatile face covering, headband, bandanna, wristband and neck warmer. Tare not face-masks but they are a face covering.

There are lots of designs to choice from, which one will you pick?


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