Description, Overview:

These designs were cocreated by Zyro Roze, Quentin Carpenter and the UniverSelf to convey essence and cycles of its transformation through myriad forms, to reacquaint people with their inner core and outer emanations, their innate capacity to change the World.

These creations are meant to link you with Oneness and create a connection with Blue Bee Ecological Endeavors, a multifaceted integrative organism adressing the needs of the most marginalized and vulnerable while healing both people and the planet.

By supporting Blue Bee, you add your energy and intent to helping us all BEE the Change we want to see in the World.

10% of proceeds go to support programs of Blue Bee Ecological Endeavors inc or BBEE, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Bloomington Indiana USA devoted to creating green jobs, inspirational educational media, eco affordable housing, fostering urban organic farming, local food security, habitat restoration, health workshops and ecopreneurial enterprise.

BBEE's primary programs are Holistic Affordable Housing, E.C.H.O. Village Ecovillage Bloomington, OMgarten SLOfoods garden pantry Medicinal Meals, and Blue Bee Eco Media Center.

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