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Flower Photography – Capturing the Beauty of Nature by Ed Major

Flower photography is a captivating form of art that allows us to explore the enchanting world of flowers through the lens of a camera. Whether you’re mesmerized by the vibrant colors of blooming flowers, fascinated by their intricate details, or intrigued by the diversity of floral compositions, flower photography offers endless possibilities for creative expression. In this article, I will guide you through the art of flower photography, sharing valuable tips and techniques to help you capture stunning images of groups of flowers, individual blossoms, and the mesmerizing world of macro flower photography.

Hi, I am Edward (Ed) Major and I have been a photographer ever since I was given an SLR camera for my 21st birthday. In those days it was a 35mm film camera long before digital SLR cameras were invented. I have been a keen amateur for more years than I would like to own up to and learned a lot about photography often the hard way. I would like to help you learn faster than I did and not make the same mistakes

The Artisan Hatmaker

Louise Pocock hats are all handmade from her studio shop in Chipping Campden in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds. Using traditional handcrafting techniques along with her trademark flair for colour and quirkiness, Louise's hats and teaching enjoy a worldwide audience. Hats are available for purchase along with a repair and special occasion hat hire service.





Frequency Intensity Time

FIT, a new science-based sports apparel company.

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Brand Zero Naturals

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Glittery Rainbow Face Painting

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